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Edit T4s

This screen is used to prepare each employee's T4. The screen has been setup to resemble an actual T4 form. Many of the options will have information appearing automatically, based on the calculations performed by eNETPayroll. Some options will have to be completed manually.

Select Employee - Use this list to choose the employee for which to create the T4. This list displays the employees that are defined for this payroll. When an employee is selected, their information is displayed in the other fields on this screen.

Employer's Name

This section of the dialog box displays the company's complete mailing address. This address information can be changed in the Address tab.

Employee Information

(54) Business Number - Use this field to enter your CCRA business number for which this employee's statutory deductions will be remitted to the CCRA. The account type can be specified from the options in the drop-down list (e.g. Full Rate, Reduced Rate). Each payroll will have at least one business number.

Edit - This button opens the Edit Business Number dialog box so you can edit the numbers for each account.

(10) Province of Employment - Use this field to enter the employee's province of employment. Depending on the nature of the employee's job, this may be differ from the company's province of residence.

Edit - This button opens the Edit Province of Employment dialog box so you can choose the province from a pre-defined list.

(12) Social Insurance Number - Use this field to enter the employee's social insurance number.

(28) Exempt - CPP, EI - Check the corresponding box if the employee is exempt from CPP and/or EI payments.

(29) Employment Code - Use this field to specify the employee's employment code if the employee falls into one of the following categories (otherwise it can be left blank).

11 - Placement agency - self-employed.
12 - Taxi driver or other passenger-carrying vehicle.
13 - Barber or hairdresser.
14 - Withdrawal from a prescribed salary deferral arrangement plan.

Year - Choose the year for which you wish to create the T4.

Void - Check this box if you are cancelling the T4 slip.

Employee's Name and Address

Use the fields in this section to edit the current employee's name or address, if required.

T4 Boxes 14 through 52

Use the fields in this section to enter the appropriate amounts for each T4-related item. These boxes correspond to the boxes that would appear on the employees actual printed form.

Click Here for a brief definition of the data required for each box on the T4.

Other Information

Use the fields in this section to enter codes and amounts that relate to employment commissions, taxable allowances and benefits, deductible amounts and other entries.

Add - This button opens the Add T4 dialog box so you can add a T4 record for the existing employee or for a new employee.

Save - This button saves your changes.

Delete - This button removes the current T4 record from the T4/T4A file. You will be prompted to confirm the removal.

Cancel - This button discards any changes you have made and restores the page to the last saved state.

Help - This button displays this help page.